• Historic GuanajuatoThe grand Templo La Valenciana
  • Charming GuanajuatoThe traditional Mexican colors of Guanajuato
  • Exciting GuanajuatoThe statue of El Pipila and view point
  • Beautiful GuanajuatoThe stunning Guanajuato Basilica at night

Guanajuato Mexico Guide

Guanajuato is the picture perfect postcard of the classic Mexican city. The city exudes charm and blends tradition and history to create the almost perfect Mexican tourist destination. The Guanajuato's history is extensive and can be experienced by walking the colourful painted streets. There are the extravagant silver mine funded churches through to the fledging stages of independence and the local hero of El Pipila. Guanajuato is no relic, it has a young student population, with nights centred around the pretty Jardin Union. Guanajuato, in short is a great tourist destination, so let us be your Guanajuato guide and show to you this fantastic Mexican city.

Guanajuato Mexico Extended Introduction

Guanajuato is nestled within the steep silver laden hills that funded the construction of the many ornate churches dotted throughout the city. It was here in Guanajuato that the first fledgling steps to Mexican independence were achieved making the city important and loved by the Mexican nation. Guanajuato is not just an architectural or historical relic bloated on its past achievements; it is a fun and lively city with a large student population, great nightlife and a progressive atmosphere. With all of this going for Guanajuato it is a surprise that so few non-Mexican tourists visit or even know about the city. So let us at Mexico-Guanajuato-Taxco.com be your Guanajuato Mexico guide and show you why you should include this hidden gem as part of your holiday or tour of Mexico. Guanajuato is easily accessible from Mexico City, only 3 hours away by express bus, and the entire region is a breath of fresh air from the polluted claustrophobic capital. The grays and drab colors of Mexico City are replaced with a multitude of bright colors while the clean air raises the spirits of an already vibrant city.

Why Visit Guanajuato Mexico?

This Guanajuato guide will detail a variety of activities to entertain all visitors; from the eerie Museum of the Mummies through to the imposing Christ Rey statue high above Guanajuato. For the historians there are countless museums detailing the history of Mexico or the independence movement while for art lovers Guanajuato was the birth place of Diego Rivera one of Mexico’s most celebrated artist. Let our Guanajuato guide detail the best even activities that are centred around the tree lined Jardin Union. Here Mariachi bands compete with student performers for customers from the open air restaurants patrons. Guanajuato is also very safe, with young families walking the historic centre well into the night. All said Guanajuato is a great tourist destination.